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Re: mail clients

On 22 May 99, at 19:03,  Steve Lamb 
 wrote about Re: mail clients:

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>     A perfect example of this is PMMail98 on OS/2 & Windows.  Yeah, I know,
> Windows, GUI, ick.  But my point is not the GUI, not the mouse, not the
> keyboard, not the look but the underlying logic of how it handles seperate
> accounts as completely seperate entities within a single application.

Have you tried running this under Wine? That's probably what I'm 
going to end up doing, except that I run Pegasus, not PMmail98. I've 
heard reports that Pegasus runs fine under wine (although I haven't 
heard anything about the latest revision which includes IMAP). I 
haven't tried it yet for a number of reasons - I was hoping to find a 
'nix client that would match it in functionality - but so far no luck 

Note that _if_ it does run *completely* under wine then it would give 
you the functionality you need/want.

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