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Re: Debian installation - list of things that make it hard

On 19-May-99 jean-Yves BARBIER wrote:
> Christensen wrote:
>> Now I feel foolish!  I had no idea I was supposed to use disk 2 for
>> dselect.  Could that be why there seem to be pieces missing from my
>> installation, like the mouse driver?  After getting a helpful email from
>> Flip@octoraro I added "psaux" to the /etc/modules file, and now my mouse
>> works.  But maybe I should just start all over again!
>                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is a no-no, you're not under MacroSOB products, you should make a lotta
> big
> mystakes to break your Linux system!

One big mistake can do it, but mine was a stupid big mistake.
Trying to install StarOffice on Potato, to be specific.  All of a sudden, no
INIT, and I had to reinstall.

The really dumb part was that I was safe trying the installation first as an
ordinary user (to my home directory).  Why Why Why did I see it necessary to
become root.


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