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Re: msysterious /dev/dsp & /dev/audio

i'd try doing ./MAKEDEV audio over again. why not. also, which user are you
trying to play sounds as? unless of course it's root, is the user in the
sound "group"? in your dmesg are there any errors about the sound init? how
about in the messages log? sounds like maybe your user isnt authorized to
access the devices... if they're there, i  don't see how bash could say
they're not unless they're unseeable to that particular user because of
permissions or something.

add|t|on, slaythe@innocent.com

help, I got sucked into /dev/null

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From: Pat O'Brien <plobrien@pacificnet.net>
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Sent: Thursday, May 13, 1999 9:09 PM
Subject: msysterious /dev/dsp & /dev/audio

> I am trying to get audio up and running on my laptop - a Toshiba
> 2535.
> I have recompiled my kernel ( I've tried 2.2.5,2.2.7 ) for the
> sound card. dmesg reports finding the card. /dev/sndstat reports
> the io & irq,  /proc/devices reports sound, ls -l /dev/audio &
> dsp are there, but when I try to play a sound bash reports that
> there is no /dev/audio device. And when I try to initialize
> esound, bash reports that  the /dev/dsp device does not exist...
> I'm puzzled....I've got a desktop Debian system up and never had
> these kind of audio problems....
> pat
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