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Re: Lilo F4A

Most certainly, the "F" is for floppy boot, the "4" is for booting from
/dev/hda4, and the "A" is for showing all bootable partitions on /dev/hda.
The only drawback to this prompt is that you are strictly limited to
/dev/hda--no booting off /dev/hdb at all.  It was in the docs the last
time I checked (I was running bo at the time), AFAIK the "F4A" type lilo
is a Debian-only degenerate, usually implying that you pressed shift too
early in the process in 2.x distributions.

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Clyde Wilson wrote:

> If I install a new system and don't run lilo I sometimes get
> F4A or something close.  Is this prompt usable?
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