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Re: diskless box: fanless too ?

On Mon, 3 May 1999, G. Crimp wrote:

>I have been asked to help someone learn about Linux.  So far, I have
>installed Linux on an existing box.  I must also give advice on new
>hardware.  One of the concerns this person has, is not having anything
>spinning in his office.  He currently uses a diskless sparc station, which
>is apparently also fanless since it is very very quiet.
>Does anyone know if the same is possible in the ix86 architechture ?  I know
>I could set him up with a diskless box booting off a server in another room,
>but could that diskless box also have a fanless powersupply ?  I figure the
>cpu would still need its fan.  Anyone think that the absence of a fan in a
>diskless box would cause heating problems ??

Thinking about what the power supply would need to power, if there were
no moving parts at all, it would just have to feed the mb, chip and
cards.  That's not tiny, but better than 2 HDs, a CDROM, and a Floppy
(you could still probably use the cdrom and floppy since they are
typically used "occasionally")

Were you looking to find a special power supply that didn't have a fan?
or were you planning on "breaking" a standard power supply?

I disagree that the cpu would need a fan - I used to run a very old P60
(a REALLY hot chip) without a fan (fan kept breaking...) and it was
toasty but caused no problems.  If you choose a cpu that runs cool, you
should be OK.  You can also look into thermoelectric (or Peltier)
coolers -- no moving parts.

I think with an hour or so of reasearch you should have no trouble with
a reasonable setup.


P.S. I have a Dual PII 400 with something like 4 fans (not counting CPU
fans) next to my desk.  Sounds like a jet engine... I'm sympathetic
Then again, how much can you complain about a Dual PII 400?

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