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Re: unresolved(able?) gnome install problems

Allen B Riddell <ariddell@concentric.net> writes:
ABR> I'm using apt-get (with ftp.us.debian.org unstable main contrib
ABR> non-free) and trying to install gnome, but nothing seems to be
ABR> working.

When I installed it last night, some of the crucial pieces were still
sitting in the 'Incoming' directory, waiting to be placed into the
archive.  Waiting another day or two to let the archive install
everything would probably help.  Or you can try to pick out the
relevant pieces from your favorite Incoming mirror and get it to

ABR> Assuming I'm staying with a binary distribution, is the only way
ABR> to get gnome working by using RPM? Is that safe with debian, or
ABR> will it screw up the wonderful world of dselect which made me
ABR> convert from Redhat?

I suppose you *could* use alien to convert the GNOME RPMs into Debian
packages, but the official Debian packages were just released into
unstable... :-)  It also stands a good chance of confusing other
GNOME-aware applications you might try to install.

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