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Re: Qmail question

The .deb contains the source code, and when you run 'dpkg --install qmail' it
automagically unpacks it, compiles it, and asks if you want to install the
finished product.  I was quite impressed when I tried it, and have been quite
happy with the ease of configuration and performance of qmail.



On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 11:02:38PM +0200, homega@vlc.servicom.es wrote:
> I'm currently using smail as a MTA, but I'd like to give another one a
> try as soon as I get my slink CDs delivered.  I thought of giving qmail
> a try, but since there's no binaries (just sources), why is it packed as
> a .deb?  will that work like a .tar.gz file, and which options should I
> pass to dpkg?

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