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Re: Installation on an i386 with *only* 40 Mb HDD

You might want to check out the Linux Router Project at
www.linuxrouter.org/ and www.psychosis.com/linux-router/
He runs Debian from a 1.44M disk.  Maybe you could adapt it?

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Jose L Gomez Dans wrote:

> Hi!
> 	I'm trying to install debian on an ancient 386, with 8 Mb RAM, and a
> 40Mb Hard Disk. I'm running into problems, as the HDD is *very* small. So
> far, I haven't even installed the base system succesfully. I was wondering
> if there's a way to have a distribution that fits for this. I only want this
> computer to act as a very simple and experimental printer server.
> 	Any ideas?
> 	Thanks,
> Jose
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> Jose L Gomez Dans			PhD student
> 					Radar & Communications Group
> 					Department of Electronic Engineering
> 					University of Sheffield UK
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