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scsi problems on HP NetServer LH II

I have the above server running linux and all of a sudden I begin getting
all sorts of SCSI timeout errors scrolling across the screen. It has 4
seagate drives in hot-swap configuration running from onboard AIC-7880
controllers.  The machine has a NetRaid card but no devices are attached
to it (no support). 

I also don't know what the "hot-key" is to configure the SCSI controllers,
it doesn't display on boot.  The other interesting thing is that when I
ran cfdisk to see if the partitions were hosed I see errors about
partition noundaries don't match because the C/H/S are different then

I have been using 2.2.5. Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong? Or how
I can fix it?



Ian Setford                                               ians@unt.edu

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