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Re: I do a Big permission mistake

Am I being stupid?  What about 
	chmod -R u+w .*

? Or probably safer to do chmod u+w .* in individual directories.

Are you sure that command below caused this problem?  I would have
thought that adding others read permissions would have no effect
whatsoever on users write permissions.  It seems that this problem is
more likely to have been caused by eg you editing these files as root
and saving them, making them owned by root.



Khalid EZZARAOUI wrote:
> hello,
> never, never do :
>     chmod -R   o+r   .*
> anywhere. (I do it in /home).
> After doing this as root, I lose a lot of right acces every were for
> users.
>     user can't use bash, profile dir, libreadline lib .....
> is there a way to solve this ?
>     using apt-get and force to download all my package and to install
> them again ? (but how?)
> Thanks.
> My sys : potato + kernel2.2.5
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