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X freezes!

I am a brand newbie to Linux.

I followed Debian's slink 2.1 standard installation and used dselect
afterwards to add X server and clients. Linux sits on my first hd in
partitions hda3 (linux) and hda4 (swap), the first two partitions are
Dos16-big and host win 95. I successfully configured LILO so as to
choose starting OS at booting time (that i am quite proud of...).

My problems came with the installation of the X server: i tried first to
get it from XFree86.org, and XF86Setup'd it, but it would only start the
VGA16 server. Then i realized that i could download and install X via
dselect, which i did overwriting previous installation.

I have a Cirrus Logic GD5465 AGP chipset with 4MB RAM and a HP D2817A
Ultra VGA monitor, so i am using the SVGA X server, which gets started
directly on boot. I configured it with XF86Setup again, leaving RAMDAC,
VRAM and clockchip to be probed and i chose an 800x600 16bpp resolution
for the monitor.

The server and client started smoothly, i am able to change video mode,
but after a few minutes' work everything freezes and i am no more able
to even Ctrl-Alt-Bksp or Ctrl-Alt-Del. Actually the only means i found
to get unstuck without powering-off is rebooting via telnet from another

Can you help me?

Stefano Stabilini

    _/     _/_/_/  _/_/_/  _/    _/ Lab. Dinamiche e Politiche Urbane
   _/     _/   _/ _/   _/ _/    _/  Dip. Scienze del Territorio
  _/     _/   _/ _/_/_/  _/    _/   Politecnico di Milano
 _/     _/   _/ _/      _/    _/    V. Golgi 39 - 20133 Milano
_/_/_/ _/_/_/  _/       _/_/_/      Tel. 23995447 - Fax 23995454

tel;fax:+39 2 23995454
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tel;work:+39 2 23995447
org:Politecnico di Milano;Scienze del Territorio
adr:;;V. Golgi 39;Milano;;20133;Italy
fn:Stefano Stabilini

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