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Re: kernel 2.2.6

Anonymous Coward wrote:
> i'm a new debian user, but fairly experienced linux user.  i just got
> slink (debian 2.1) in the mail so installed it.  i downloaded kernel
> 2.2.6 to upgrade the first time it said a86 command not found so i
> searched mailing list archives and found out i needed the bin86 package
> so then that worked.  now i try to compile and i get this message at the
> end after everythings all done:
> Root device is (3,5)
> Boot sector is 512 bytes
> Setup is 1286 bytes
> System is 526 kB
> System is too big.  try using bzImage or modules.
> bzImage does not work and my kernel is in no way bloated.  i only
> included standard stuff and it was practically the same as i had 2.0.36
> except for joystick support.  what can i do?
Just what it says:
run	make bzImage
then 	make modules
then 	make modules_install

Your new kernel will be  /usr/src/linux-XXX/arch/i386/boot/bzImage
then you finish the install
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