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Re: Debian printer server for heterogenous network

Jose L Gomez Dans wrote:
> Hi!
>         I want to set up a server to control the printers we've got
> scattered around here. Basically, there are a number of computers which are
> now accessing the printers through some very simple parallel port hub (i.e.,
> all parallel port cables go into a box in the wall, and then a cable goes
> into the printer. This "box" seems to put jobs into some sort of archaic
> queu). This is unsatisfactory because the cable lengths used to connect to
> this printers are too long, and most of us can't print anything at all :(
>         So, my question is: is there a possibility to set a computer with
> the lot of printers connected to it, so the users can connect to this
> computer and print from it?
Absolutely.  Find out about SAMBA.  You can use it to make a Linux box a
print server that works fine with Windows clients.

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