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A lot of questions


I have a lot of question:
1. Network for kernel 2.2.6:
   I have compiled kernel 2.2.6, and I configure it to support ppp and
slip, but when I restart it, there is no ppp version 2.2.0... or slip
0.8.4 ..... And I cannot connect to ISP now. I guess it's a bug in 2.2.6
or my ppp and slip is out of date.

2. When I change mode of *.pl (perl), I can excute it in unix, but I
cannot excute it in linux, I must use 'perl *.pl' to excute it. I don't
know if I need configure something. 

3 I don't want to excute xdm at the boot. When I check my /etc/X11/config,
it said "no-start-xdm". I don't know how to boot to text start. I have
installed hamm, and upgrade to slink. After I upgrade to slink, my debian
start xdm at boot time.

Any help will be appreciated!


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