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Re: ddd segfaults - help

Micha Feigin <kamikaza_mic@yahoo.com> writes:
| I'm trying to start ddd or xxgdb in order to debug c/c++ programs
| I tried versions 3.1.3-2 3.1.3-1 and the slink version.
| on the potato and up version I get a message, oops you found a bug in
| the program
| and then segfault every time i try to start it. It starts loading
| (gives the image saying that it's starting) and then hangs.
| On the slink version all i get is segfault and it stops.
| the log file only says that ver 3.1.3-1 was compiled for i586 and ver
| 3.1.3-1 was compiled for i686, nothing else about the error or that
| might be relevant.
| xxgdb gives me a message: Can't allocate color map entry "Snow1" and
| "Snow2" and then can't perform malloc.
| I am running a 486/DX2 with a slink kernell 2.0.36. libc6, gcc, g++,
| gdb and most of the development stuff is from potato.

Was there a reason that you mixed slink and potato pieces? It's really
hard to find a problem when you do this. Especially with slink and
potato, which are based on two different versions of glibc (2.0 and

My suggestion would be to go with just one distribution and then let
us know about any problems.

Most problems with DDD aren't problems with DDD, but problems with
Lesstif. Until Lesstif goes stable I've been staying away from the
dynamically linked versions of DDD and going with the statically
linked version. The static version (Debian package ddd-smotif) is
linked against a commercial Motif distribution and I've never had one
problem with it.


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