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Re: floppy too slow during bootup (fwd)

Thanks, I know I should have tried it myself, I had
a feeling it might have been because of this. 

> > I am wondering why in the world does my floppy get
> > sooo slow while its reading the kernle image during
> > a boot process??
> > 
> > It takes approximately 5-6 minutes until it finishes
> > just reading the kernel image and then bang!! 2 seconds
> > to decompress it.

Moments ago I just recompiled my kernel and produced a custom boot disk-
oh joy, now my floppy boots at normal speed!

Earlier George Bonser indicated that a boot floppy made with the tecra-safe.bin
images exhibited "this feature" of a slow boot, however I had not used that
image so I did not think this was the problem.

The Debian 2.0 and 2.1 install procedure produces a slow floppy boot which was
not the case pre 2.0.

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