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HELP! Mail program suggestions

Hi all!

I'm a pine user (as can be seen from the header of my message), and
because of the unclear status and future of this program I would like
to switch to another mailer. However I have some special requirements:
1) The program should be free according to the FSG
2) The program should leave the mail in my /var/spool/mail directory
   until I explicitly require to move it somewhere else (I love XEmacs
   but it fails in this point :-( ). This requirement results from the
   fact that I want to be able both: to read my mail at work and to download 
   the not read and not moved messages with fetchmail.
3) Text UI (or two forms of UI - one X based and the second - text based).
4) Good handling of different ISO encodings (at least a possibility
   of defining the default ISO encoding).
5) Good handling of MIME extensions and attachments.
6) Good folder management, threading of messages, news access ...
   (it could take hours to type all my wishes :-).

   Could someone give me a good suggestion what should I try?

			Thanks for any suggestions
			Wojtek Zabolotny

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