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gnome working correctly?


	I've gone ahead and upgraded my gnome installation to the potato deb from 
the web site and have discovered that it produces a slew of error upon 
exiting from X windows with gnome running.  I'm running the exec 
gnome-session in the file /etc/X11/window-managers and also in my home 
directory within the file .xinitrc.  Gnome comes up fine and all but gmc 
appear to be buggy when running, when I try to exit gmc, well everything is 
frozen solid.  In any case the error says it can't find the Help file Null 
or something like that.  Even without gmc problem when I am exiting gnome I 
get all kinds of messages from X window about gdk and other things.  Has 
anyone experienced the same sort of things or am I the only one?  Also, I 
finally got KDE to run perfectly by using the line /usr/bin/X11R6/kde in 
/etc/X11/window-managers instead of from my home directory .xinitrc file. 
 I think I might be doing something wrong but it works since it hasn't 
given me any more error upon exiting as it was doing before like gnome.  I 
wonder if anyone will ever churn out the new deb with the new gnome stuff. 
 I am guessing that when they call it version 1.06 that it is a stable 
release instead of all these alpha and betas prior to it including what I 
am running now which is .99....  I guess I will have to start learning 
about debian development.  Thanks for any insight into the gnome situation 

Shawn Nguyen

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