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Re: file system vfat

What does compiling vfat support into your kernel do for you?  I only
ask because I don't have it, but I do mount my Windows95 drives under
linux, and I seem to be able to use them ok (except for permissions,
which I suppose don't exist on them)

Alan Tam wrote:
> Hi,
>         The kernel comes with Debian was not configured with vfat support. During
> boot time mount is processed before kerneld, therefore you can't mount vfat file
> systems before kerneld is processed. After login (before login, kerneld is
> processed) then you can mount the vfats.
>         To have the vfat support at boot time compile your kernel with answers to make
> config (or make menuconfig | make xconfig) as follows:
>             fat fs support              y
>             msdos fs support        y
>             vfat fs support            y
>             nls codepage 437       m
>             nls iso8859-1             m
>         Cheers.
>         Alan
> Jelmar Andree wrote:
> > hello,
> > when booting I get the message vfat not supported by the kernel.
> > when I'm logged in and do as root mount /dosc there is no problem.
> > I've ofcourse in my fstab mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /dosc ....etc.
> > how is that possible and what to change so by booting the
> > windows-partities will be mounted?
> >
> > Jelmar
> >
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