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Re: net/if.h missing AGAIN

	Subject: Re: net/if.h missing AGAIN
	Date: Wed, Apr 14, 1999 at 08:58:09PM -0000

In reply to:Pollywog

Quoting Pollywog(pollywog@shadypond.com):
> On 14-Apr-99 Pollywog wrote:
> >> Now, when you install a kernel do NOT place headers from the kernel on your
> >> system.  Use make-kpkg to make a deb of the kernel image and just install
> >> it.
> In order to have a kernel image, don't I need to go through the steps to
> compile a kernel?  Otherwise, where would this kernel image come from?

Pollywog, you have forgotten, again, what I tried to show you once
before, use the information you have available to you!


Package: kernel-image-2.0.34

I didn't search for any others, but 'you' could!

There are debs for the kernel image.  Maybe not the kernel version you
want but 'thats where'
 <  Otherwise, where would this kernel image come from? >

Do I need to construct an exim reject 'Pollywog' filter?

You can tell how far we have to go, when FORTRAN is the language of
                -- Steven Feiner
Wayne T. Topa <wtopa@ix.netcom.com>

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