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Re: net/if.h missing AGAIN

On 14-Apr-99 shaleh@clifford.livenet.net wrote:
> ftp.<area>.kernel.org.  area is where you are i.e. us, eu, ca.
> now for more important things, if.h should not disappear.  Installing a
> kernel
> should not affect it.  It should be part of libc-dev.

Thanks.  I was beginning to suspect this has nothing to do with my kernel.
> Now, when you install a kernel do NOT place headers from the kernel on your
> system.  Use make-kpkg to make a deb of the kernel image and just install
> it.

Now you lost me.  Is this some special procedure just for Debian?
I installed from a tarball, not from a Debian package (the kernel I mean).
> libc6 came about in part to reduce the need for kernel headers.

Perhaps I need to find a HOWTO that explains what you just told me above.



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