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Re: Help for error: "SIOCADDRT: Invalid argument."

On Sat, Apr 10, 1999 at 07:58:40PM +0200, Norbert Nemec wrote:
> I've been trying to compile kernel 2.2.1 for several machines in our small 
> network. Now, some computers bring the message above during bootup at 
> the command:
> 	route add -net
> (in /etc/init.d/network)
The simple fix is to add "[ uname -r|cut -d. -f1-2 == '2.0' ] && " before
this line; that will force it to only run on 2.0 kernels.  (If you use a
kernel before 2.0, you deserve what you get, IMHO.)

> After that, the IP-network is not working fully. (Parts, like nfs still work, but 
> others, like dns don't)
In my (limited) experince, that probably isn't related.  I can't help here;
I don't have a network to be on (other then ppp, and that dosn't count).

If your /etc/init.d/network is the same as the one in
/usr/doc/sysvinit/examples/, then don't bother fileing a bugreport.
Otherwise, if you can figure out where it came from, you should probably do
so.  This is a well-known problem on this list; that it has a simple fix
that isn't there is silly (IMHO, naturaly).

	-=- James Mastros
"My friend Data: You see the world with the wonder of a child, and that
makes you more human then any of us."
	-=- Lt. Tasha Yar, upon the occasion of her death.

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