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Re: fdformat missing

In a message dated 4/8/99 3:17:57 PM Central Daylight Time, 
eschmid@stuttgart.netsurf.de writes:

> This is a Linux ML and I think the default answer should be a Linux
>  filesystem. Do all people on the ML read floppies on Windows 95/98/2000 or
>  NT?  What about installing vmware (www.vmware.com) and use M$ together
>  with Debian.

Yes, you do have a point.  But I'd like to make an additional one;  Do all of 
us here us floppies on an MS system?  Of course not.  Do some of us, of 
course.  I personally use a floppy on my laptop under both, at work under 
both, and on another machine that only has Win on it.  For me, having one set 
of disks for each system is confusing; especially considering Linux is smart 
enough to be able to read both types of filesystems.  Installing VM is a 
great solution - if you have the resources for it, and again, we all don't.  
Believe it or not, some of us, me included, still use 486 and 386 PCs.  
Sheesh, my fastest box (a laptop) is only a Pentium 90 with 40M of RAM - and 
I doubt VM would be happy with that.

The fact that Linux has the tools to read both filesystems is a feature that 
is provided for - why not use it when it's applicable?  


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