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Mouse Problems and xdm


I have a couple of problems and I would like to get an opinion from those who might have an insite into these issues.

I recently installed Debian 2.1 on my system. I have had Debian 2.0 previously and wsa very happy with it  but i decided to do a fresh install. The installation went well (better than 2.0) but I ran into a problem that I am not familiar with - my mouse. I have a Microsoft mouse that plugs into my PS2 port (the one that has a S-Video jack). When I ran xf86config, I selected the /dev/psaux as my mouse interface device and I know that this worked because I can see the mouse when I am in the text mode console (I can see the mouse as a block in text mode and it works well). Now when I start mt X server, I have no control of my mouse - I can see it but it is very sensitive that I cannot move it around the normal way. It always gets stuck at the upper right hand corner and I have to move the pointer with my keyboard keys. Has anyone experienced any such thing? (I have a Matrox Millenium II AGP video card - not that it should matter).

My second questions (a simple one I presume) is concerning xdm. How do I turn it on and off?

Regards and thanks in advance.


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