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Re: XF86Setup

On 05 Apr 1999q, Jelmar Andree wrote:
> I installed 2.1 , therefore I used 2.0, I did not upgrade.
> then I wanted to install  the X window system with XF86Setup ,as
> root,and I know what to choose and the entire procedure goes well but
> there is something not good.At the end after the last "done" and "okay"
> I get the message:" -X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: can't connect errno=111"
> Is there maybe missing a file or a file is dammaged ? but wich file?
> I say this because my cdrom isn't 100% anymore.During
> installations-procedures from cdrom i get sometimes io-errors and
> reset-messages.
> please help me
> kind regards
> Jelmar Andree

I think you've given the answer yourself. If you are getting I/O errors
during installation there is something wrong with your cdrom drive. I had
exactly the same problem as you; upgrade seemed to go OK but at the end X
wouldn't work. When I went back to install more stuff I started getting I/O
errors. I'm sure it was a hardware problem because I found the same errors
when reading the cdrom from a Redhat installation.

The message you are getting means something wasn't installed properly. You
need to replace your cdrom drive or find some other way of installing the


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