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Problems with Packard Bell

Hi! I have just acquired in my possession a Packard Bell 
computer with a 1.2 GB hard drive and 72 MB of RAM. I am
trying to load Debian on it. I downloaded the CD images
from a cdimage.debian.org, and burned them with my 
cd-burner using xcdroast. I verified the images twice
and used them to install Slink on a friend's computer. 

When I first tried to install Slink on the Packard Bell
computer, I had to use three different Driver floppies
before I found one that wasn't flaky. Once I did that,
I booted into the setup program and proceeded to install
Slink and erase the windows partition. Because I was
impatient at the time, I neglected to scan the hard 
drive for bad-blocks. I used the SBPCD module for
the proprietary CD-ROM drive.

When I booted into the new system, things started going
wrong. dselect and anything that used perl started
giving me segfaults every time I tried to run them. 
Then, I got an EXT@ PANIC from the kernel indicating
that the filesystem was bad. I ran fsck -c a couple
of times, but no cigar. 

Next, I reinstalled from scratch. Everything went OK,
and I did a badblocks scan on the hard drive. While
that was running, I used kernel-package to build
a 2.2.4 kernel for the Packard Bell, including
the bare-bones and the SBPCD module. The base
system installed fine, but when I rebooted, the
cd drive started giving me errors in the middle
of the dselect "Update" mode. The errors complained
of read timeouts on the drive. I crossed my fingers
and installed the 2.2.4 kernel from a floppy, only
to reboot and see pages of hex codes at the time
init usually starts /bin/login. 

I rebooted again, and everything seemed OK. DSelect
liked my CD if I told it it was a single cd, not
part of a multi-cd set. I started installing the
"standard" packages when the CD drive crapped out.

I'm at a loss about what to do at this point. Should
I remove the memory and hard drive and throw the
system in the trash? Anyone have any tips about
troubleshooting SBPCD? The system in general appears
flaky, can anyone help?
Stephen Pitts
webmaster - http://www.mschess.org

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