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Re: SB 128 PCI w/2.1 kernel

> no, dont need to load oss driver, just the es1370....

   That's what I thought after reading the kernel es1370 docs; good.  Right
now I've got the driver compiled straight into the kernel (not as a module).

> what do you get at boot?

   Things look fine.  Dmesg tells me:
es1370: version v0.17 time 19:20:41 Apr  2 1999
es1370: found adapter at io 0xe800 irq 5
es1370: features: joystick off, line in, mic impedance 0

> send the output of /dev/sndstat

   Interesting, how do I get anything out of it?  I've got the device listed
crw-rw-rw-   1 root     audio     14,   6 Apr  3 08:18 /dev/sndstat
and if I try to cat it as root I just get a "No such device".

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