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tunnelling ssh over https proxy


before i try and do all the legwork on this one, i just wanted to check
that no-one had a prerolled solution to this one:

i'm trying to let myself connect to my linux box from work through our
Apache proxy's https tunneling.  i've set up a port redirector that points
port 443 on the box to 22, so the acl on the proxy will think that it's
going to a ssl site.

ssh accepts a config file option ProxyCommand which it runs, and reads
from and writes to via STDIN/OUT as if it were the remote socket -- this
lets you do the CONNECT command.

unfortunately, the obvious 'echo -e "CONNECT 88.NET:443 HTTP/1.0\n\n" | nc
proxyserver 8080' doesn't work because the first line that comes back is
the CONNECT string from the proxy, after which I see the SSH server
announce itself.  the ssh client doesn't like seeing anything but the sshd
at the other end.  so, I just need to soak up the string from the proxy
and everything would be fine and dandy.

i guess i would want perl for it probably -- i guess an ideal mini-server

-listen on a local port
-connect to the proxy
-send the connect string
-ignore the first line that comes back
-connect the socket to STDIN/OUT and loop in a stupid fashion until a
socket closes.

hopefully someone has done this already.  if not, i might even become a
maintainer and package it when it works.



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