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Re: Linus Torvalds at the Pearly Gates

Jonathan Hayward writes:
> The machine was also set to start xdm on boot; coming in with a rescue
> floppy was the only way I could figure out to get it to boot and give a
> text terminal (I did not have the boot scripts start xdm before).

I agree that this a serious bug.  The authorities don't agree, however.

> One mechanism I can think of OTOH would be for the database to keep
> checksums of the files for earlier versions, so that it can at least ask
> before clobbering something which does work and replacing it with
> something which doesn't work.

Another is to do what everyone else does and install stuff that is outside
the packaging system under /usr/local.

> /dev/eth0 no longer exists, and I cannot locate anything in the
> documentation telling how to regenerate that or some equivalent device.

If you had a /dev/eth0, I don't know where you got it.  Linux (and Unix in
general) has no such thing.

> MAKEDEV, for instance, did not recognize eth0 as a parameter. 

Not surprising.

> Therefore, I have no network functionality, and am forced to do all my
> transfers by floppy.

Did you select the appropriate driver when you compiled your kernel?
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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