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Re: crc errors with LILO

On Tue, 30 Mar, 1999 à 02:08:30AM +0000, Lev Lvovsky wrote:
> So now, I used lilo, and tried installing it on the IDE drive:
> silver168:~# lilo -b /dev/hda5
> Ignoring entry 'boot'
> Added Linux *       
It can't work : lilo relies on the bios and the bios can't access alone to
/dev/hda5. Put lilo either on your MBR or on a *primary* partition. As you 
have logical partitions, you could put lilo in the extended partition wich
is a primary partition and make it the only active partition.

> I've checked the disk, and copied over the kernel that's on the floppy
> (which is good), and I still get the error.
> Anyone know how to fix this?  I don't like to boot off of a floppy...
How are we supposed to be able to help you without the necessary details ?
At least your lilo.conf and having your partition tables too would be
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