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Re: hamm to slink with upgrade

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999 mcclosk@ling.ucsc.edu wrote:

> There have been several posts on debian-user asking how to use apt-get
> to upgrade from hamm to slink, now that the binaries no longer fit on
> a single CD.

> I've seen two answers so far on the list---both of them containing
> very helpful suggestions, but very different from one another, and
> both sort of telegraphic.

Unfortunately the new APT code to handle multiple CDROMS was not finished
in time for the slink release. This means we released slink with the
multiple CD dselect method and an APT that could only do a single, always
mounted CD.

There are a few solutions to this, you can just mount the CD and put it in
apt's sources.list as a file: uri then do an install, swap disks, run
update and do another install. This is primitive and a bit annoying but it
will work for an upgrade.

The next alternative is to use dpkg-multicd, this has the drawback of not
doing much installation ordering.

The final solution is to install APT 0.3 from potato and use it's built in
CD handling through apt-cdrom. I have made a special source specifically
for this,

deb http://www.debian.org/~jgg apt/

Which will contain the latest glibc 2.0 linked APT v3. Install whatever
APT you can, add the above to your sources.list (and maybe a temporary
file: uri for the first cdrom) and then do 'apt-get install apt'.

Next insert the first disc, run 'apt-cdrom add', then insert the second
disc and run 'apt-cdrom add' then run 'apt-get dist-upgrade -u' twice (or
is it 3 times?)  

Eventually I will get proper partial-unpacking and disc swapping done up
so it can all be done in a single command, but it is a tricky issue
unfortunately - apt errs to the safe side right now.


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