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Re: Kernel Compile Error

Gregory T. Norris wrote:
> Try running "dpkg -l|grep gcc", and make sure that you have gcc installed
> instead of/in addition to egcc.  If memory serves, there are problems
> related to compiling the 2.0.x kernels with egcc, and so they have
> #error directives set up in order to disallow it.
> After installing gcc (assuming that it's not installed at all), you may
> need to do something like "export CC=/usr/bin/gcc" prior to building
> the kernel.

I have the egcs version installed. However, it is from potato. When I
try to get the old gcc using apt-get it tells me that I already have the
most current version installed.

I'v given up on 2.0.36, and have moved on to 2.2.1 which is giving me a
whole new set of difficulties :@

Thanks for posting, and I am sure that I'll be posting until I figure
this thing out. I'm off to the archive now.

Thanks again
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