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Re: Question about mounting MS-DOS partition

On Sat, 27 Mar 1999, George Bonser wrote:

> Because only root can write to an MSDOS partition and you do not want to
> be root doing normal things. In other words, you should only be root when
> you have to do some administrative task that requires root and then you go
> back to being a user again. Users can not write to MSDOS.

This is not quite true.  By default, you're right, but mount will take a
uid/gid option and set all the mounted files to that owner/group.  How
else do regular users write to a DOS floppy?  Also, as long as you put a
read-only section, say /usr, on the vfat partition, you'll be okay.

Off the top of my head, here are the reasons I wouldn't do it: 

1. Security.  DOS doesn't have the file permisions for a multiuser system,
and I wouldn't trust it.  

2. If it breaks, how do you fix it?  There's no fsck for vfat.  

3. Lots of programs are going to assume a unix-type file system.  Debian
itself, for instance, will probably break into little tiny pieces on a
file system without symlinks.

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