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Does anyone here use tclmidi? I have not been able to get it to work. I am
using recent potato, glibc2.1. 

Script started on Fri Mar 26 02:41:17 1999
$ tmplay
syntax error in expression "catch "midifeature $dev smpte_timing" err"
    ("if" test expression)
    while compiling
"if {catch "midifeature $dev smpte_timing" err} { ..."
    ("if" then script line 2)
    while compiling
"if {$smpte} { ..."
    (file "/usr/bin/tmplay" line 55)
$ tmrec
error while autoloading "mididevice": couldn't load file "/usr/lib/tclmidi/tclmidi31.so": /usr/lib/tclmidi/tclmidi31.so: undefined symbol: __pipe
    while executing
"mididevice $device"
    (file "/usr/bin/tmrec" line 82)
$ exit

Script done on Fri Mar 26 02:42:05 1999

It doesn't build from the source. It stops with something like: ld: -lg++:
no such file or directory.

I would really like to get this package working.

Are there any other similar packages? I noticed that tclmidi is quite old.



Rob Murray

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