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Printing problems

I wrote awhile back about some problems with my epson.  Turned out, like
someone suggested, that I hadn't compiled parallel printing support into
the kernel, stupid me :).  

Anyway, I'm stumped again.  According to /proc/parport/0, the printer is
on "lp".  At startup I see something to the order of "lp0: using parport0
(polling)".  Because of this I assumed the printer was on /dev/lp0 and
modified the printcap to that effect.  However I kept getting a message
that the printer does not exist.  I changed the  printcap to /dev/lp and
now my print stuff goes to lala land.  Nothing happens, the application
thinks that it's been printed and nothing turns up in the spool.  Where,
exactly, is my printer?

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