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Re: help -- missing shared library libncurses.so.4

> I've been running Debian 2.0 happily until earlier this evening, when I
> ran dselect to upgrade my current packages.  After retrieving and
> attempting to install the upgraded packages, however, something royally
> screwed up and now I get a "can't open libncurses.so.4 - no such file or
> directory" error everytime I try to do _anything_.  I can't even open a
> shell, I tried booting into single-user mode -- in other words, I can't
> even access my harddrive.

This has happened to me before and I reinstalled Debian in the end.

I wouldn't have to reinstall if it happened to me again though. Boot with your
Debian rescue disk and install the libncurses4 package with dpkg, if that
doesn't work, see if you can get the libncurses.so.4 file from somewhere else,
boot the disk, copy it to your /usr/lib directory, boot your debian and install
the libncurses4 package.


Sarel Botha

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