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to further the desktop discussion...

>THAT is what is going to kill Linux ... forget the desktop, they need a
>consistant system interface to avoid the Unix problem.

In a small sense Linux does have it's own standard. The linux kernel used
by RH is in base form the same as Slink's. Also, if you can program and
keep your wits about you, open your source files and lend one distribution
to the other. With the open source policy I see it as a way for developers
with any crazy scheme to get into the serious developing(that is without
assembly), in fact, my school to teach computers and programming throws you
in front of a Unix box. The best way to learn another language is to be
immersed in it :) I was also proud to here that Dell is now packaging
workstations with Linux by request. Everyone seems to be going to the open
source policies (Mozilla.org, GNU(FSF), and now Apple OS X Server). As a
developer I like it, and of course, will continue to contribute. You CAN
target certain software at RH, or SuSE, or BSD but you can do exactly what
debian, and other Linux flavors have done in the past (i.e. RPM's, KDE) is
take source and apply it to yours. Just some thoughts...use the source Luke...

			"Hoping everyone will speak C++ one day..."
					Jayson Baird


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