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Installation - modules?

When I first installed hamm a few months ago I selected the following
modules to use for a PPP based system:

nls_cp437  umsdos
lp  serial  psaux
ppp  slip

So far I haven't spent much time with it, but I have PPP, lynx, minicom,
and couple of other packages installed and working.  Today I reinstalled
hamm on another partition to try another mouse driver and noticed that the
following modules were recommend on a help sheet:


It sounds like bsd_comp is something I would need even though PPP seems
to be working fine without it, dummy might be needed for diald, slhc
might be required for diald and slip even though I'm not going to use slip
to connect, and I have no idea what nls_iso8859_1 is for.

So what I'm wondering is do I actually need any of these last four modules?
And if so, why?


  Larry Fletcher
  Redondo Beach, CA USA

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