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HELP! Can't get connected

Used connection daemon to edit ppp files during installation Slink
basic. Program attempted to connected to Debian.org to complete
installation of packages. No go. received following display:
/etc/ppp/peers/proviver  unrecognized option "/dev/modem".
Entered provider with vi and changed to suggested /dev/ttyS1!, :wq'ed
and tried pon. Display was unrecognized option "/dev/ttys1!".
On start up the device tty01 is detected at 16500.. if that means any
Would someone please forward me the correct /etc/ppp/peers/provider
entries, or instruct me how to reenter the ppp setup daemon. I tried to
use the rescue disk, but that does not allow any operations with out
complete installation.
Thanks, Woodrow

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