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Re: Any way to read docs in base64?

On 16 Mar 1999q, J.H.M. Dassen wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 16, 1999 at 19:02:57 +0000, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> > I sometimes get email with docs attached in base64 - presumably some
> > Windows format?
> No. Email isn't guaranteed to be 8-bit clean in general; thus, binaries need
> to be encoded to ensure they don't get mangled. Base64 is one of the
> encodings used in MIME (Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions).
> > Is there any way to read this in linux?
> Most email clients (for example mutt, elm-me+) support it. If you want to
> process it manually, get a tool like metamail or mpack.
> HTH,
> Ray
> -- 

Thanks to all for replies. I do have mutt and I just installed all the MIME
stuff but it still doesn't read the files in mutt (something to do with
mailcap I think). I also installed mpack and tried that on the exported
file but that didn't do anything either. Perhaps this is the wrong kind of


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