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Re: Subject: Potato, sendmail, glibc 2.1, and libdb2

>> potato's sendmail and glibc 2.1 seem to get along fine (at least on this
>> box) ! Those of you with problems all seem to have also installed the newer
>> libdb2 
>> I was fortunate in that my socks access died, and I have been unable to
>> download/install libdb2 ;-}
>> I see in the sendmail-8.9.2 changelog that this was done:
>>  Support Berkeley DB 2.6.4 API change 
>> This is the version now in potato
>> Unfortunately, the libdb2 in slink is 2.4.14, and that is the library
>> sendmail is linked against.
>> I'm now in kind of a mess in that I've got my developement machine
>> running glibc2.1, and
>> have several changes in various stages of completion in sendmail ;-{
>> If someone who still has a slink system would install libdb2 2.6.4 (if
>> possible), and do an NMU - I think that'd get people going until my 
>> updates are clean, and I get socks working again (anyone tried dante, 
>> I'm thinking of packaging it) ;-{
Since the new libc6 says it supplied libdb2, I used dpkg to reinstall
the latest potato libc6, put the libdb2 on "hold" and all seems to be
working fine again.
The "wall" command is broken, but I have no idea what got it.
Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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