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Re: a tiff viewer for faxes

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Allan M. Wind wrote:

> On 1999-03-14 18:25, Pollywog wrote:
> > Since I am unable to get fax to work in Linux, I want to use the
> > e-fax service offered on the net, but I will need a tiff viewer for
> > faxes.  Does Debian have such a thing?
> mgetty+fax was pretty easy to get going here (granted it's not as full
> featured as one might wish - hylafax fits that defitition better, I
> believe).
> Lots of packages provides tiff viewing - imagemagick, xv.  Search
> through /var/lib/dpkg/availble for a complete list.

A lot of the tiff viewers will only see the first page of a multi-page
fax. I use fax2ps to convert it to postscript and then use gv for viewing
the fax. 

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