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Re: PPP connection

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Christian Dysthe wrote:

> when I am logged on to my ISP and do a "ps a" I get the following:
> /sbin/getty 38400 tty1
> Does this mean I have something set wrong. My modem connects at 44-48000, so
> this puzzles me.

This line refers actually to a program which is listening on the first
virtual console (which you get to with alt-f1 or ctrl-alt-f1 from X)
waiting for a login.  the 38400 does refer to a serial linespeed but is
just a bit of a holdover from when all terminals were on serial lines.

if you want to find out how fast your modem is connecting have a look at
/var/log/ppp.log (just type 'plog -f' to follow this file as you are

something like:
Mar 14 16:42:15 grummet chat[18251]: CONNECT 44000/ARQ/x2/LAPM/V42BIS^M
                                             ^^^^^ is what you're looking


please forgive my abrupt ending hre - but my conection is  
xtrememleyyhiclmelyey      BAD hiccuppy etc must sign off - 
EF D8 33 68 B3 E3 E9 D2  C1 3E 51 22 8A AA 7B 98 umbra (!)

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