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CDROM problem


when I install the latest version of linux (debian) from a CDROM
eveything works good until it begins with dselect. It ask me for the
source and I tell it CDROM, after
it ask me for "the block device type" and it is imposible to go ahead. I

try some things like this:
but it say that the kernel do not support the iso9660 norm. I do not
understand because it make the all instalation from the CDROM. If I
execute a shell I can't mount the CDROM and it tell me the same thing
about the iso norm even if I mount it with the next command:
    mount /dev/hdb -t iso9660 /cdrom
Last year with the same computer I could install an older version of
debian. Now I can't install the same version. The only thing that difers

from before is that I have install a CDROM writer.
I have a pentium 166MMX.

- I can install the latest version of RED HAT and after I can mount
perfectly the CDROM but I prefer to install the Debian distribution.
- Somebody told me that probably the iso9660 file system is configured
as a module but I couldn't do anything wiyh the insmod command. May be I

don't do it well.

Thanks a lot.

tel;work:96 5919331
org:Departamento de Salud Publica;Universidad Miguel Hernandez
adr:;;Campus de San Juan, ctra de Valencia (km 87);San Juan ;Alicante;03550 ;Spain

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