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Re: Gnome 1.0 debs?

On Wed, Mar 10, 1999 at 07:40:06PM +0200, sjb@dundee.lia.net wrote:
> Couldn't .debs that aren't 100% at least go into potato? That's what
> unstable is for isn't it ?

We had this before, and it was unconvenient at least because of the
complicated net of dependencies. The gnome stuff depends on many libraries,
and if I compile something with a newer library they might be incompatible
and your whole installation goes nuts and everything.

It is much better for everyone if we compile a full set of packages in a
staging area first and then move the whole set to potato once it looks

The staging area is not a secret, it is publically available, too, for
developers and testers. Check the dtk-gnome mailling list archiv if you are
interested (or devel-announce).


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