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Re: IP-aliasing scripts - in /etc/rc.boot?

Quoting M.C. Vernon (mcv21@cus.cam.ac.uk):
> I have a little custom script set up to ipalias. I need to make it
> auto-run on bootup (I'm leaving the machine in a cupboard a long way from
> home). Can I just place it in /etc/rc.boot/ip_alias_fudge ? or do I need
> to do anything else. 
> Will it be run last of all (and if not, where should I put it in order to
> do this?)

This was being discussed last night while we were sound asleep.
The threads are "setup.sh" and "rc.local -> What is the Debian
Eqivalent". The quick answer is no, /etc/init.d and
man update-rc.d in roughly that order.


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