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Re: Maximal Mount Count

*- On  9 Mar, Paul Nathan Puri wrote about "Maximal Mount Count"
> The main partition of my laptop is at 96%.
> It is a 1gig partition.  I have two others on this same machine.
> What can I do to move stuff to these other partitions so that my 1st
> partition will not be so loaded down.  I would like to install more
> software there?
> What directory trees can safely be moved to another partition?

Most commonly /usr, /var, /home and /opt(not really used yet in 
Debian) are each on their own partitions.  Do a 'du -sm /usr', etc. to
see how many megs each tree is taking up so you can judge how much
space to give the new partion, with room to grow of course.

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