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Re: IRC stuff (was: bitchx (sucks!))

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On Wed, 10 Mar 1999 01:16:08 +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

>>     Then you don't understand the nature of these people.  It is like going
>> into alt.nuke-the-usa (I think that is it) and trying to rationally discuss
>> topics with anyone there.

>No, it is not the same. In the one case, the other one is making the effort
>to come to you, in the latter case you are making an effort. Such a
>discussion is obviously not welcome on this newsgroup, why should I annoy

    Right, but my point was the following...

>>     For reference, antu is a newsgroup dedicated to going into other
>> newsgroups and starting flamewars just to do it.

>There are always (at least) two parties participating in a flamewar.

    But it only takes one group to go into a newsgroup and *start* a
flamewar.  Go into rec.martial-arts and say that BJJ is the lamest martial
art there is, that TKD is the absolute best, and that Van Damme could kick
Gracie's ass twice every day and 20 times on Sunday.  Even though you might
not have a clue about any of that, you'll start a flame war.  Now, if you
were a member of antu, you'd've achieved your goal, the distruption of the

    For the people we eventually banned through a country ban, that was
their objective, to disrupt the channel.  But instead of doing it with a
flamewar, they did it with clone bots, spamming the channel, etc.  

    In both cases, you cannot just discuss it with them.  There is no
discussing it with them because it is a game to them and trying to discuss
it with them will get your channel (newsgroup) targetted again.

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