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Re: I can't believe this

In a message dated 3/7/99 10:45:21 PM Central Standard Time,
grep@shorelink.com writes:

>  Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 ($38.95 direct) ...
>  ...Windows users should steer clear of Debian.

I completely agree.   Your forget, the targe of Windows is those people that
DON'T know an IRQ from an I/O address.  Windows takes all the work (or is
supposed to) out of configuring and running your system.  I'd say 99% of the
people running Windows would be forever lost in Debian/Linux.  I've been
working on PCs since 1980/81 and it took me several months to be able to run
Linux/Debian with any effectivness - and I *DO* know and IRQ from and I/O

>  ...The company says it will include a new application installer in Debian
>  GNU/Linux 2.1.
>  Uhm, which "company" would this be?
>  ...Debian is distributed by Linux Press...

I do have a problem with this - it shows lack of research on ZDNet's part -
which isn't entirely unsusual.

>  Yeah, and a whole bunch of other people. Basicly the article's slant is
>  be afraid of Debian, be very afraid.

Again, this article was written for the person who is new to Linux, and I
agree - for the newbie - be afraid.  It can be done, but it takes HOURS of
work and HOURS of reading.  Most new users of an operating system aren't going
to want to mess with it.  I have to admit, there were several times even *I*
was ready to delete everything Linux on my PC - but my continual displeasure
with everything MicroSoft kept me going.  Having said that, there really isn't
anything productive I can do with my Linux box - yet.  I do have WP on it, but
hardly use it.  I can browse the net - which is nice, but I can do that in
Win95 too.  I still use my Win box for Quicken and AOL - two apps I use
constantly - and neither of which will run on Linux.


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