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Encoding for EUC on xfstt?

I was trying to figure out how to remap the encoding of some Chinese
TTF fonts in xfstt. The name of the encoding should be either
gb2312.1980 or EUC (as used in CJK, the latex package).

Maybe the supported encoding (as printed by xfstt) listed below cover
what I need? Thanks!


iso8859-1      windows-1250   cp-855         symbol-0       
iso8859-2      windows-1252   cp-857         wingding-0     
iso8859-3      windows-1253   cp-860         atari-st       
iso8859-4      windows-1254   cp-861         unicode-2      
iso8859-5      windows-1255   cp-862         windows-1257   
iso8859-6      windows-1256   cp-863         
iso8859-7      cp-437         cp-864         
iso8859-8      cp-737         cp-865         
iso8859-9      cp-850         cp-866         
koi8-r	       cp-851         cp-869         
windows-1251   cp-852         cp-895         
iso8859-10     cp-853         wingreek-0     

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